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Is there really anything known as a cure?

Currently, my breast cancer is not my focus health-wise. My myasthenia gravis is causing me more "problems" than the breast cancer. As I celebrate Mother's Day with my husband and daughter, I can't help but feel blessed. As I was undergoing/enduring my radiation therapy treatments my coping was "tried." I feared skin burns but, thankfully, I have had no burning of my skin (though the areas treated were hot and red for a few days). I chalk that up to a great doctor and staff who advised me on preventative care which I applied - though not as diligently as I should have (God is good despite me).

I'm reflective today since I know I have follow-up exams and x-rays scheduled. I am thankful for a diligent radiologist who is very, very thorough (I believe he saved my life finding my "small" invasive cancer before it was readily apparent) as well as a kind and knowledgeable breast specialist.

However, I wonder if there is actually a "cure" or if our bodies simply continue to have cancer cut out of us until not a single abnormal cell remains - is that even possible? How can anyone know if all abnormal cells are gone or if there is one malignant-leaning cell left which teases and entices other cells around it to bind to it?

For now, I will simply celebrate being on hormone therapy for five years and having every-6-month checkups.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms.

Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them. ~ Author Unknown

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