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Simple Task Not So Simple

Am thinking no one truly realizes how limited some of us are as we undergo treatment and rely on family/spouses for "everything." I believe this time last year I was more mobile; surely I was driving myself though I really do not recall my exact circumstances. Regardless, I am not driving myself this year and my husband's birthday is next week. I am hoping to feel strong enough to cook a meal for him or we will do "take-away" at one of his favorite spots. If I can or can't cook a meal for him, he has requested a favorite candy (chinese noodles with butterscotch and mini marshmallows; I call them Schnoodles) which I am hoping to create for him. My "not so simple task" is buying him a birthday card! Who'da thunk that would become so hard to manage? Yep, we go to the store together but most of the time I'm in a battery-operated buggy and the store aisle that has the cards is too narrow for me to navigate with the cart and I could not reach any of the higher cards nonetheless. We have a temporarily disabled daughter (work accident) who cannot drive or maneuver any better than I can. If I did manage to pick out a couple of cards (one from me, one from her), he checks all the groceries out and pays for them, loads them in the car. There would be not much of an element of surprise there.

The Cancer Support Center connected to where I go for treatment has offered to take me by one of their wheelchairs to the main hospital (not far from this campus) gift shop without my husband notcing. I am grateful for that.

Now all I have to do is figure out how I will get some cash. I do not carry a purse or wallet - he carries all necessary items for me cuz he pretty much has to.

The gal managing the cancer center has no idea how much this means to me.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." - William James

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Thanks Betsy!
I appreciate all of you very much.
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