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Getting Set Up for Radiation Therapy

Well, I got a bit of a surprise when I saw my radiation oncologist this morning. He is simply the best guy; listens, draws explanations for me, ponders my questions. He did tell me that the planned XRT was changed since I have 2 separate foci of invasive tumor on my path report (not connected but close to one another) and 2 separate of foci "in situ." I knew about the latter, the former was a surprise. He tells me there is concern if I was to have the targeted therapy (through a tube to a specific area) that all of the invasive cancer would not be treated, thus he switched me to external beam radiation - 4 weeks (shorter than 6 weeks).

To say I'm "skeered" is a mistatement, yet I am a bit apprehensive. I wouldn't be if I didn't have myasthenia gravis as well - not knowing how much that will play on the "fatigue" side effect they tell me to expect.

My breast is swollen. My surgeon did everything she could to ensure the best cosmetic result and I'm still pretty sore. Not all the Steri-Strips have fallen off. My "rad" took a look at the incision and said it looked "good" though was not completely closed. I will call the surgeon for any concerns, I like her and she would expect me to call.

Interestingly, today I got a jury summons! I used to like jury duty .. now it is not possible.

Always something interesting going on.

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Pati, I am so sorry about all the stress you have in your life right now. The addition of the jury summons was almost funny in lieu of the other events you are juggling. Love reading your blogs and continue to keep you in my prayers.
Thank you so much, Emsnana .. I was amused at the jury summons as well, used to love jury duty and have been on several. Most always interesting .. sometimes just downright boring and ya hafta be creative to stay awake. :)

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