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My Friday - part 1

This saga is simply too long for one post. I'm sure everyone would not want to read a "book."

Friday was a very long day. It was preceded by 3 days of IVIG infusions in order to strengthen me and help prevent any type of MG crisis. I was blessed to have a nurse practitioner in my corner "fighting" for me to get the IVIG before the surgery and "fighting" for my surgery not to be canceled as my medical oncologist did not want me to go any longer without identifying the type of cancer and getting it out. I started out Friday morning taking a 30-minute shower with the surgical scrub since I had not had the strength to stand in order to do one Thursday evening. I presented to the Orlando Health area for registration so that I could have my first procedure - being injected in the left breast with a radioisotope which would "light up" any suspicious sentinel lymph nodes. I hafta say that the material injected burnt like a son-of-a-gun; it was the worst injection I had ever experienced comfort-wise. I then had to wait an hour for a scan to be sure it was dispersed appropriately. Once that was completed I was shuttled to the MRI area where the head radiologist (who I credit with saving my life - long story for another time) was to insert the "wires" to localize the lesions. Just having a breast MRI is a procedure like none other. There is simply no way to be comfortable when on the narrow gurney lying on your belly. I kept praying for strength to get through the study. From there I went to the Women's Imaging Center and got "marked" by the radiologist, signed the consent, and was shuttled back to MRI for more imaging. He found a fourth lesion. The wires were MRI-safe and very fragile - one got sucked into my breast its full length though everyone was as careful as they could be. I could not endure anymore MRI imaging so he told me he would call the surgeon and alert her so she could pull out the wire (they are buds).

When I finally reached the preop area, everyone told me that had been waiting for me. Ordinarily that would be flattering but that included the surgeon (apparently her other surgeries concluded earlier than expected). She is wonderful - as a surgeon and as a human being. The prep nurses told me she had gone out to the waiting area and even asked my husband where I was. He was rather nonplussed at the question.

More later.

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Thomas, Christine sent you a prayer.
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I read every word, Pati! Thanks for taking the time to share your ordeal. We hope your next post is to tell us how well everything is going.
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