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For the newly diagnosed with breast cancer

I was flabbergasted, having been awakened from a nap at 1:30 in an afternoon in early November 2016, to get a call personally from "my" breast cancer doc (she, at that time, took only patients who were high risk, which I was with a pre-cancer excisional biopsy on my right breast) telling me I had "invasive" ductal cell carcinoma in my left breast and that I needed to see a surgeon ASAP. I was also undergoing a workup for an autoimmune neurologic disease, scheduled to fly to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio to see a neurologist there. Now, almost a year later, I have had a lumpectomy on my left breast excising the 5 areas of cancer with sentinel nodes being biopsied and clear, and undergoing 24 rounds of radiation therapy. My last mammo, just a few weeks ago, was "clear."

There is always a light at the end of your tunnel.

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That's great news. You must be so releived. My sister had the same but it was caught very early. It's something I watch for too and get yearly mamos. .
You have gone through the worst part of the cancer. Now it's time to be vigilent on taking your meds. I am now 10 years and cancer in my spine which was diagnosed after has now receeded. REASON. Medications. So stay positive, and be very grateful for catching it early. You have lots to be thankful for. I'm sure you know that. Just adding my cheers to you.
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Lymphedema anyone?

Saw my breast cancer surgeon yesterday - at the urging (insistence really, since they made the appointment for me "behind my back") of my medical oncologist. I have lymphedema in my left arm pit and in the left breast just above the incision. I noticed about 5 weeks ago that my finger was swollen up over my wedding ring and had a "heckuva" time getting it off my finger; now I wonder if that isn't also lymphedema - still can't get my ring on but the swelling seems a little less.

Anyway, I have to wait more than 5 weeks to see a lymphedema therapist (surgeon referred me) - which is the pits since I am hurting "now." I was also told to try wearing a tight bra (I do anyway), even to sleep in, which I started doing last night. It helped but did not give me complete relief. The bigger issue is that I usually sleep on my left side (painful side) in order to facilitate my breathing - which is affected negatively by my myasthenia gravis. Using home oxygen helps; however, Medicare will not approve me using oxygen since my saturation numbers don't go low enough. With myasthenia it is the CO2 retention they worry about, which is not measured by a pulse oximeter. One would think with that diagnosis Medicare would approve home oxygen but nope .. we hafta pay for it.

Enuff griping. Still grateful for my loving family.

Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Laurie, Betsy sent you a prayer.
Thomas, Becky sent you a hug.
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I have it in both legs and my cousin has it in one arm (we think anyways) Hope u feel better.
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*soft paw* Sounds so painful .. and 5 weeks to wait is 'way too long. And what the heck is wrong with Medicare?? grrrrrrr We're sending you healing vibes and gentle hugs :*)
Hugs, Pati. What is this about sleeping on the left side? For years, I have slept on my left because I feel like my breathing is impaired if I sleep on my right. No doctor has answered my question about this.
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