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Oh the itching ...

Well, survived radiation treatments but dealing with the skin aftermath - about which I was warned. The itching is driving me nuts. I use Eucerin cream liberally and concocted underclothes and sleep attire which afford me some freedom and comfort - without causing undue restrictions and discomfort. I have an "open wound" which has some "exudate" atop it. It does not hurt or bother me, I just wonder how it will evolve.

Am not due for a follow-up checkup until April 10th. I saw my radiation oncologist last week and now go almost a month before seeing him again. He is very approachable, as well as his nurse, and both are available via a "patient portal" for questions. I did "portal" him this weekend about this open wound, thinking he might want to take a look at it. I'm available if he needs to see me - today or tomorrow - but am exhausted, which is a side effect of my myasthenia.

I could be so, so much worse off than I am. I feel as though I will "lick" this cancer and hope and pray for a few more years with my husband - healthy and able to do things he enjoys. I just can't be bothered to "feel sorry" for myself or have a "why me?" attitude - both are lack of faith IMHO.

Let God's promises shine on your problems. ~Corrie Ten Boom

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Not a few more years with hubs, MANY more! Be more selfish, ask God, he likes that! God bless.
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May you lick your cancer!!! Hang in there.
You will not only lick this nasty disease, you will smash it to smithereens and blow it entirely out of existence in your body! And then you will enjoy life with your husband for many, many years to come :*)
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Almost .. almost done with XRT.

Today's visit to the cancer center lasted longer than I expected with a lot less accomplished than I hoped. I got there on time and they took me very close to on time. After that, it was downhill. They needed to take "lots" of new x-rays since this was the beginning of my four "boost" treatments so that Friday would be my last day of treatments. They could not get me aligned well, I was hurting my neck, shoulder and right hip on that danged narrow board laughingly called something more medically appropriate but it feels like a board and considering any time on a hard surface is too long .. After about 20-30 minutes in the room the two techs came out to tell me that they would have to start over since the field they had aligned to was nowhere the field the doctor wanted - they had to start over and I could "look foward" to another half hour. I could not help myself, I started to cry. I was hurting in 3 different places and on top of it had started drooling (how I hate doing that) with no way to move my arms to attempt to wipe my mouth. They told me to go see the doc and come back so they could get to the next patient (fine by me). After that time (a little over a half hour to my best guess), I went back only to find they were now 35 minutes behind, had a stack of patients waiting, and they would have to "work me in" which could take a couple of hours. I knew I did not have the stamina for that, was hoping to have the stamina to be able to walk out of the building on my own power with the help of my trusty walker.

So, now I will have to return for my final treatment next Monday - a complete surprise to me (and the doc). It is what it is. My main concern is whether or not I can even get an appointment - as well as what I can expect tomorrow when I return at 8 am.

"Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life." ~Sophia Loren

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*soft paw* Am sorry to read how difficult that day had been. We hope the pain of it has now eased and you will be in good shape for Monday. Roll on final treatment *high paws* We pray it goes smoothly and is successful! Hugs :*)
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I know your pain. Had 3 hours test and had to not move. Hopefully your early morning apt will be better with less pain.
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